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The Beauty of Pregnancy
Maine Association of Independent Doulas

Doula's are new to today's birth world, but in years gone by doula's were women of the community who shared their hearts and hands to nurture a family during the birth and postpartum experience. When birth moved from home to hospital the doula was left behind.

Today, many organizations train and certify doulas. As doula popularity increases, women discover that this professional support allows her and her family to relax, and be pampered during the birth of their child. 

M.A.I.D. MISSION STATEMENT: In this country the cesarean birth rate is 31.1% and 80% of women rely on epidural anesthesia and medical intervention to help them get through the process of childbirth.

Our mission is to provide education that may empower women to take control and reclaim their feminine power of birth. Birth is a sacred, spiritual, and transformational event for a family not a technocratic medical procedure.

Although not every woman will choose to give birth without medical intervention, all women and their partners need to be educated about their options and nurtured during the perinatal period.